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Driving up to LA (loop) Driving up to LA (loop)

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I would eat ass 2 this

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Father-of-Death responds:

i already am

Blippy Techno Loop Thing Blippy Techno Loop Thing

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from this banger my dude

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Sunday Sunrays (rough mix) Sunday Sunrays (rough mix)

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hey this makes me wet low key call me

tehslaphappy responds:

juicy fruit !!!

Fuck Slappy (techno Diss) Fuck Slappy (techno Diss)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

still just as relevant today as it was yesterday

buddies extra terrestrials buddies extra terrestrials

Rated 5 / 5 stars

As a woman- I like the post modern gender politics that are heavily distributed throughout the song's lyrics. The recording quality is fitting for the style that I'm doing. So I don't know why you're even on the grunge audio page if you're opinion is that songs have to sound polished, like a fucking Justin Bieber song.

My kids will now, and always be welcomed background noise in my recordings. I use a video camera. Not professional equipment. So yes, my kids were singing back up vocals. You can fucking eat me if you don't like it.

My vocals need improvement huh? Okay, so how should I sing? Like a member of NSync? Fuck you.

As for my lyrics, I know I'm not the best around, but I never said I was a fucking poet. I'm just a guy writing music because it makes me happy. So, regardless of your petty existence, I'll continue doing what I do to make myself happy.

And finally, I just got done listening to your past 2 audio submissions. You're really going to get the balls to judge me? You fucking suck dick with your :15 second "songs".. PUKE!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get back to my day you rude piece of shit.

BTW, thanks for the ZERO out of FIVE. Do you even know how to fucking play an instrument, and the determination it takes to practice every single day? Or are you to preoccupied ripping on other people's music, while in all reality, you're music requires no talent. All you do is press buttons on a computer, and out comes the result. You're no match for my skill. Fuck off low life.

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Shikamarana responds:

dude what